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Lover of simplicity, language, and flavor.

I'm a software and product engineer at, the leading provider of personalized payment cards in the US. I'm a developer with a deep appreciation for clear communication. I love creating usable, beautiful digital products with efficient code and compelling aesthetics, and I believe the only way to do that is through merciless testing. I have a background in economics and statistical inference.


simple-blog, a bare-bones blog site written in Go

spellity - a fast spellchecking library in Go

Please contact me for more information about any of the above projects. I've also built client-facing products and internal tools. My analytics skills are strongest in market research, customer personas, and general regression modeling.

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Simple Concurrency in Go for Fans of JavaScript's Promise.all

This article aims to quickly demonstrate how this simple concurrency pattern familiar to Node devs can be easily and idiomatically used in Go code...